Flea Control

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Flea infestation in your home? Call our cleaners now

If your cat or dog has brought fleas into your home and they’re making your life a misery, contact Contract Carpet Cleaning now.

Although you may have treated your pet, a flea infestation can affect carpets, bedding and upholstery too. A thorough clean can quickly resolve the problem.

Break the cycle with a deep clean of your home

Our experienced cleaning contractors tackle flea control head on. We will treat your carpet twice over a two week period then, we recommend a deep clean one week after your second treatment.

Removing all trace of the fleas and their eggs from your upholstery and floors, we ensure that they aren’t able to re-infest your pet and continue the cycle.

Flea control by experienced cleaning contractors

  • Safe cleaning methods and products
  • No risk to pets or children
  • Fully qualified and insured
  • Affordable, competitive rates
  • Prompt and reliable
  • Available across Dorset
  • Commercial cleaning available
  • Quick-drying results

Experienced, friendly and understanding services

We understand how irritating a pest infestation can be, and we know that the problem needs resolving immediately. That’s why we offer a prompt response for flea control appointments.

If you’d like to know more, or to arrange an appointment, call Contract Carpet Cleaning today.

Flea control and deep cleaning specialists. Call us now on 07769 320 029.